The editorial team looks forward to reading your Poetry, Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction, and Genre X writing and to your Artwork submissions. Submissions accepted November 1st 2021 through July 31st 2022 (submissions aren't accepted August 1st 2021 through October 31st 2021). 


Basic Submission Guidelines (For November 2021 and after)

In your cover letter, please include a brief bio and publication history, if any. 

We accept submissions in the following genres:

Poetry - up to 5 poems per submission; no more than 15 pages.
Fiction and Flash Fiction - up to 5000 words. If submitting multiple pieces of flash fiction, please submit each story separately.
Creative Nonfiction - up to 5000 words. If submitting multiple pieces of CNF, please submit each essay separately. We are generally looking for CNF which explores an experience or situation with an eye towards  providing new and personal insights or interpretations of those experiences.
Genre X - hypertext, experimental video, photography, mixed media, mixed genre.
Art - up to five pieces per submission. For reference, art pieces which "tell a story" within themselves are preferred. While we appreciate all creative artistic efforts, we are not looking for depictions of famous persons or places which are strictly for the purpose of (positive or negative) recognition. 

Two Hawks Quarterly